Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If your line of business involves your customer or client making a purchase using credit, you're in luck! Perhaps, you have come across a few potential clients who are almost there but needed a bit of work on their credit. It can be a truly disappointing experience for them. But, now you have a solution!

We are looking to bring people to our affiliate team. This means you can send your potential client over to us we will help them get back on track with their credit. Which will allow them to be able to go back and make that purchase that they wanted to do. Not only that but our affiliates also make % of our deals that are closed.

Fill out the form below and one of our affiliate representatives will get back to you shortly.

Currently looking for affiliates who are:

- Mortgage Brokers

- Realtors

- Auto Dealers

- CPA's

- Attorneys

If you are not in the fields mentioned above, feel free to fill out the form and we will try to see if we can build a working relationship.